Happy Valentines Day! We are happy to recommend the perfect wine for you + your special someone. Here are 5 wines that are sure-fire bets for your special someone:

  • Schödl NV Brut Rosé sparkler $32 – Excellent Pinot Noir sparkler! Organic wild raspberries in a glass.
  • Loimer NV Brut Rosé sparkler $36 – Finesse and elegance. Pinot Noir, Blaufrankisch and St. Laurent in a dry sparkling format. Red berries + brioche.
  • Alta Allela ’17 Cava Brut sparkler $23 – Organic Monastrell that could easily be mistaken for Champagne. Serious vino!
  • Broc Cellars ’17 La Boutanche Red $23 – A natural “glou-glou” field blend from NoCal. Zin + many other grapes in an easy-going style!
  • Broc Cellars ’18 “LOVE” Red $25 – Another berry-driven natural red blend from Chris Brocway. Beaujolais Cru from CA!
  • Beat-O Chocolates (Ojai) $14 – If you haven’t had Emily + The Porch Gallery Girl’s homemade chocolate.. where have you been? YUM