Wine: Dornach 1
Appellation: Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT
Variety: Pinot Bianco
Vintage: 2018
Vine Age: 11 yrs
Elevation: 310-340m
Soil: Porphyry
Yield: 8-9t/ha
Steel/Large Oak
Aging: Steel/Large Oak
Alcohol: 11.5%


Pinot Blanc needs certain things to truly thrive: complex soils, perfect sun exposure and a good breeze. Dornach, sitting at an elevation of 350 meters, in the idyllic Alto Adige region, is perfectly positioned to grow world class Pinot Blanc, and the farm’s embrace of the natural world and deft touch in the cellar creates a wine with intense personality and passion, meant for early, enjoyable drinking.