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Piedmont Soul

Piedmont Soul
Aldo Marenco All Wines Azienda Agricola 499 Bundles Eugenio Bocchino Radici e Filari

Piedmont Soul

An embarrassment of native, organically grown riches: Moscato, Arneis, Dolcetto, Barbera, Freisa and Nebbiolo all showing off an abundance of regional personality.

Radici e Filari Arneis ‘Coclico’ 2019 – Skin contact Arneis, another of Piedmont’s beautiful native varieties, this orange wine is focused, unique and delicious.

Az Agr 499 Freisa 2018: A distant relative of Nebbiolo with signature cigar and cherry notes and softer more approachable tannins than its more austere cousin.

Eugenio Bocchino Barbera d’Alba ‘Tom’ 2018  – Rich and balanced Barbera from the village of Roddi, on the edge of Barolo.

Aldo Marenco Dogliani Superiore ‘Parlapa’ 2017  – A beauty of a Dolcetto, refined and pure, Piedmont character through and through.

Az Agr 499 Moscato Secco ‘Enigma’ 2019 – Super unique and super delicious. A dry, still Moscato bursting with varietal aromas of white flowers and stone fruit. Drinks and finishes bone dry.

Radici e Filari Nebbiolo ‘Risa’ 2018 – As unique a Nebbiolo as you’re likely to find. Co-fermented with a small amount of a near extinct, unnamed native variety that is likely an ancestor of Gamay. Softer tannins and extremely drinkable

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